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Information Security

The security of information on the Internet is one of the most current topics. When developing a site that works with personal data, security must be a priority. For this, there are SSL certificates. The SSL certificate is a unique digital signature of your website.
The SSL certificate confirms that the domain belongs to a real company and that its owner has the right to use the secret key legally.

SSL is deciphered as “secure sockets layer,” and the certificate itself is a security measure that helps protect sensitive information transmitted between the browser and the server. The certificate encrypts data, preventing the possibility of third-party possession of this information.

The SSL certificate contains the following information:

The domain name to which the SSL certificate is issued

Legal name of the certificate holder

Location of the certificate holder (city, country)

SSL certificate provider requisites

The period of validity of the certificate

Having an SSL certificate ensures you not only technical data protection. This certificate works emotionally – site visitors feel more confident and less concerned when they send you personal data. Here you can buy an SSL certificates for your site at a great price.

To be more precise this process implies:

The browser tries to connect to the site and asks the server to identify itself

The server sends a copy of the SSL certificate to the browser and the browser checks if the certificate was issued by a trusted person.

If the certificate is valid, the browser sends a message to the server to confirm the trust, and the server in turn begins an encrypted session

Then the browser and the server begin to change the encrypted data