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Dedicated  Servers Moldova

Tariff Plans for Servers in Moldova

* The fee to install additional IP is 2,00 €/IP/month.

Limit Maximum is 128 IP and/or 16 slots per server.

Dedicated Servers Moldova

Service “dedicated server” is a necessity for customers who have large projects, the achievement of which a need for more resources. At the same time, the purchase of own equipment requires significant expenditure, which negatively affects exploitation activities and reports of companies.

Dedicated server (for rent) gives you the possibility to dispose of the resources of the machine and to install any software. The  Amplica Company ensures the complete maintenance for the proper functioning of the website. You can choose the optimum configuration of the dedicated server and to contact our specialists.

At the request of the customer, Amplica offers a complete suite of services in order to ensure the use of the server and the maintenance to manage it. We find the most cheap dedicated servers in Moldova.
The line dedicated servers in Moldova is suitable for all purposes and needs: from an online shop to large projects.

We are sure that you make the right choice worthy, and we will meet all your expectations, and we will provide you the best dedicated server in the price/quality, available in stock!

Above you can find the current proposals. If you are not sure which of the dedicated servers fits your needs please do not hesitate to contact us.


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