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VPS  Hosting


VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Any business on the internet, whether it’s a simple blog or a large virtual store, needs web hosting. Do not host, your domain will not be accessible!

VPS (Virtual Private Server) requires a type of hosting where sharing is only server resources. This means you have absolute control over your server, you can host as many databases as you want, and other accounts will not be affected if they consume too many resources. You can manage it at any time, delete, add, modify any files. You can add domains and other software applications.

You can install the following operating systems: Ubuntu, Debian, Centos

If you want a high-quality hosting service without large initial investment, Amplica offers you VPS Hosting services with a number of advantages!
Our team will host your servers with professionalism and promptness!


Fast, Secure and Reliable, Growing With Your Business!

Questions Common

At VPS things are totally different. The advantage of a VPS is the exact sharing of server resources. Which means you know exactly what you bought, so how many visitors can you trade on the site and what are the limits.

Perhaps there are no big differences between VPS (Virtual Private Server) and dedicated server, but there is a lot of comparison between a shared host and VPS! To be clear to those who are interested in hosting a virtual private server (VPS), you first need to understand what a shared hosting is, and why VPS is an asset when you open the site!

Shared hosting is a very cheap and ideal formula for small entrepreneurs. It’s cheap because on a single VPS or dedicated server, shared hosting accounts are shared, and resources are shared. The problem with shared hosting is that resources cannot be evenly distributed, so the hosting provider does to a lesser or greater extent. A shared host does not guarantee that your site will run in any conditions with too many visitors just because it is shared and everyone has to share the same server, which means CPU (processor) and RAM. This applies everywhere: no matter how you have traffic and unlimited space, it does not mean you can do what you want!

Being a very flexible system that does not restrict access (you have root access to the server), the VPS offered by PC Hardware is ideal to meet a wide range of requirements.
You will be able to host up to 100 domains on a VPS system while retaining full control over the costs and management of available resources.
* PC Hardware VPSs are also the best option for software developers or web designers who need an Internet distribution environment for their projects. They will benefit from the resources and freedom offered by a dedicated server but at a lower cost.
* VPSs are an effective solution for disaster recovery, backup, mirroring. For example, you can purchase a VPS to host a download archive mirror, deploy a redundant DNS / mail server, etc.

Obviously, you have root access to a VPS server. Basically, you can make any configuration changes, software installation, be debugging, etc.

Not. Resource provisioning is done at a dedicated level in the operating system. A VPS requiring access to more resources than guaranteed can only be allowed if there is physical resources at the physical machine level. Otherwise, it is forbidden to access other virtual machines.

Very easy! If at this time you are a customer of a traditional PC Hardware hosting service, we can transfer files and applications from your current server to your own VPS.

The guaranteed time for activating the VPS service is 24 hours. In most cases, however, a VPS may be configured within less than two hours of receipt of the payment confirmation. The transaction can go online using a bank card.

For the VPS, a single IP address is initially allocated. However, you can additionally purchase an unlimited number of IP addresses.

You can host as many databases as you want, provided that they do not exceed the guaranteed resources.

The VPS is managed directly by you. The package benefits from integrated management software available in the browser. At any time, you can request PC Hardware support for installing security patches and software updates available.